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maternity photography in dubai


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Our Maternity Portfolio



Booking ahead will ensure that we are available for you.




Book the services you selected and fix your shooting date, Pay the advance payment to confirm your booking, you will receive confirmation of your dates and payment.

A brochure with lots of information about what to expect, styling options, what to bring, and handy tips to help you have a relaxing session day.

The choice you make will determine your session length and style.

Should you cancel the session for any reason please inform us 48 hours prior shoot date.

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Choose from our pricing plan

This image features a pregnant lady who is gracefully facing the camera, showcasing her anticipation and joy during this special time.
Maternity Standard

Aed 750/ session

  • 60 mins studio shoot

  • 2 people only.

  • 1 Background

  • Portrait & Full Length

  • 1 Gowns Included 

  • 8 Digital Download

  • Online Album and all Raw Picture

In this captivating image, a pregnant lady faces the camera with a radiant and expectant expression. Her eyes speak volumes of the joy and anticipation that come with the beautiful journey of pregnancy.
Maternity Gold
Aed 999/ session
  • 90 mins studio

  • Up to 4 People

  • 2 Background

  • Portrait & Full Length

  • 2 Gown Included

  • 15 Digital Download 

  • Online Album and all Raw Picture.

This beautiful image showcases a pregnant lady tenderly cradling a small flower bouquet. It captures the essence of her pregnancy journey, where every moment is as delicate and precious as the petals she holds.
Maternity Platinum
Aed 1870/ session
  • 120 mins studio

  • Up to 7 People

  • Many Background

  • Portrait & Full Length

  • 3 Gown Included

  • 20 Digital Download 

  • Online Album and all Raw Picture.

  • 2 pc. 40x30 cm Print

In the highly competitive Portrait Category of 2021, 4Dimensions Studio Dmcc achieved the prestigious 'Highly Commended' status, reaffirming their commitment to excellence in portrait photography.
4Dimensions Studio Dmcc proudly receives recognition at the International Baby Photography Contest, earning the esteemed Baby Photo Awards. This honor celebrates their outstanding contributions to the world of baby photography, showcasing their exceptional talent and dedication.
Recognized as a qualified photographer, 4Dimensions Studio Dmcc has achieved the esteemed standard of 'Licentiate,' a testament to their exceptional skills and dedication in the field of photography.
In April 2022, 4Dimensions Studio Dmcc attained the highest accolade, the 'GOLD' award in the Newborns & Maternity category, showcasing their exceptional talent in capturing the beauty of newborns and expectant mothers.


*Outdoor 150 AED

*Other emirates except Dubai will be charged extra 200AED

* Makeup and hair stylist extra 400 AED

*Delivery within 3 - 7 working days

*Urgent Photo Editing : 35 AED per photo (Delivery time - within 24 hours)

*No Personal photography inside the studio

Additional Outfit at a charge of 150 Dhs.



This image captures the heartwarming testimonials and reviews left by our satisfied customers on our Google Business listing. It's a testament to the exceptional service and memorable moments we provide.


This image features the distinctive signature of Tarek Haddad, the talented maternity photographer responsible for all the captivating photos displayed on our website's maternity page.

My style of Maternity photoshoots are designed to be both Beautiful and Powerful- Which is what us women are. I like to create a relaxed and welcoming environment to allow you relax and enjoy your maternity session. I want for you to be able to focus on your inner strength, power and beauty as a woman and let that shine through in the photos. I would love to challenge your perception of yourself. This isn't just taking pretty pictures of your baby bump, it's a full on experience!


This is your pregnancy, come along and show off that fabulousness!

I should add that not everyone feels fabulous and glowing during pregnancy. If this is you please don’t let that stop your from booking. I will take things at your pace and choose outfits to make you feel great and maybe hide the bits that’s you don’t fee great about


The miracle of life. Incredible, remarkable, breathtaking...There is something extraordinary about the bond a mother has with her unborn child. It's hard to describe the emotion we can capture during a maternity shoot, and we feel we have to immortalize this incredibly special time in your life, and we strive to present you with a selection of images that will take your breath away.  We use a mixture of professional studio lighting, posing and post-production techniques to create a contemporary style of maternity photography that you and your baby will cherish forever.

This captivating image showcases a modern gallery setting with a striking oil painting of flowers on the left and a depiction of ancient individuals on the right. However, the true focal point is a radiant pregnant lady, seated in a white dress, gazing downward with a warm and gentle smile.


My studio is temperature controlled to keep you comfortable throughout your maternity portrait session and out of the elements. I will suggest background colours based on your choice of gown and the colours so that the finished artwork is compliments.

I strongly suggest getting hair and makeup professionally done. I think bridal-style makeup applications work best for maternity. We also provide lite Makeup sessions based on your package.


I recommend scheduling a maternity session between the 28th – 32nd week of pregnancy. Every woman is different, but I find that date range is when most of my clients’ baby bumps are a great size for portraits, yet my clients are still comfortable enough to move around in the different poses.


The ideal time to photograph your bump is between 30 -34 weeks. At this stage of your pregnancy you have a nice round bump but it is not yet too uncomfortable to get in some of the poses. We can photograph you later in your pregnancy, anything up to 38 weeks, but please contact us to book in your session as soon as possible.


Yes, all of our sessions can be booked Monday to Sunday


No, your session may includes slight makeup for the purpose of studio light only. If you wish a professional makeup and hairstylist, there is an additional fee of 400 per person.


I hand-edit each image to perfection. I am all about quality over quantity. I carefully select the best images, and over a few days, I retouch them in Photoshop to make everyone look well-rested and remove unwanted distractions.

I back up the files for safety and then create a video slideshow for your viewing appointment.

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